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Telephone therapy with a mental health professional to learn skills for coping with the difficulties of daily life, which may be contributing to symptoms of anxiety and depression

Adults aged 18+
Wellbeing Course

Skills to manage anxiety, stress, worry, low mood and depression

Adults aged 26-65
Wellbeing Plus Course

Skills for older adults to manage stress, anxiety, worry, low mood and depression

Adults aged 60+
Mood Mechanic Course

Skills for young adults to manage anxiety, stress, worry, low mood, and depression

Adults aged 18-25
Indigenous Wellbeing Course

Culturally adapted skills for Indigenous Australians to manage anxiety, stress, low mood, and depression

Adults aged 18+
OCD Course

Skills to manage intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviours

Adults aged 18+
PTSD Course

Skills to manage anxiety and low mood following traumatic experiences

Adults aged 18+
Pain Course

Skills to manage the impact of pain on day-to-day life and emotional wellbeing

Adults aged 18+
Chronic Conditions Course

Skills to help manage the impact of living with a chronic physical health condition and improve overall wellbeing

Adults aged 18+

We provide teletherapy or online courses (with teletherapy)

What we offer

After you have completed a free assessment at MindSpot, you can choose from different treatment options to help you to recover from depression or anxiety and stress. Note that we funded by the Australian Government and all of our services are free.

Online Courses

Completed online, with optional telephone support from a therapist


A telephone-only treatment program provided by a therapist


After an assessment you can speak directly with a qualified MindSpot therapist. You can access up to four sessions with the same therapist. Read more about our teletherapy program.

Online treatment courses

We provide different online treatment courses to help people manage different symptoms. Our treatment courses have been carefully evaluated in clinical trials conducted at Macquarie University. These courses are designed for people who would like to follow a structured approach to recovery from depression, anxiety and stress. These courses have now been used by more than 50,000 Australians.

Online lessons Lessons focus on a specific topic each week and are designed to help you understand your symptoms and build your confidence. You can track your lesson progress on your MindSpot dashboard.
Access to a therapist Reach out to your MindSpot therapist via phone appointments or private messages whenever you need. Your therapist will help you get the most out of treatment through checking your progress, answering questions, and providing support.
Practical skills Each lesson comes with a workbook that helps you practice strategies and skills in your everyday life. The workbook takes you through skills step-by-step.
Symptom tracking Use your personalised treatment dashboard to track your symptoms and your progress through the course. Your dashboard lets you see how your symptoms are changing in real-time, based on psychometric questionnaires.
Real-life stories We have collected real-life case stories from Australians from all walks of life who have overcome symptoms and improved their mental health. These are available for you to read.
Zero cost MindSpot services are free to use, and they always will be. Funded by the Australian Government, we provide access to psychological care at no cost to you.
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