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Depression Panic attacks Anxiety Social anxiety Anxiety Stress Substance misuse Excessive worry
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Are you feeling low, stressed or anxious? MindSpot Teletherapy is here to help. With this personalised service, you can speak directly with a qualified MindSpot therapist who are registered psychologists, accredited social workers, registered nurses, registered occupational therapists, or counsellors.

Our therapists are warm, engaging and passionate about supporting people to better cope with their symptoms and improve their overall wellbeing. They use proven therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Mindfulness-Based Therapy (MBT) to help you reach your therapy goals. Speak to your own MindSpot Therapist for personalised therapy at a time that suits you.

What's involved?

Complete the MindSpot Online Assessment

  • Review your assessment results on your MindSpot Dashboard
  • Schedule an appointment online via your MindSpot Dashboard to speak to one of our therapists to make sure Teletherapy is right for you
  • You can then schedule your therapy appointments online via your MindSpot Dashboard at a time that suits you
  • Get up to four sessions with your therapist. These sessions can be weekly or fortnightly. We will work closely with you to find alternatives if you need more sessions
  • Track your progress in treatment via your MindSpot Dashboard

Who is this course for?

Teletherapy is recommended for people who:

  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety or stress
  • Are having difficulties coping with daily life that may be contributing to these symptoms
  • Prefer to talk directly with your own therapist over the phone

Teletherapy is not suitable for:

  • You or another person is concerned about your immediate safety, such as feeling suicidal - click here to get urgent help
  • If you have very severe symptoms, talk with one of out therapists to make sure if this treatment will be helpful for you. We also strongly recommend you discuss your participation in this course with your GP or other mental health professional