Expanding support services at MindSpot GP

Introducing Peer Support alongside MindSpot GP's treatment courses.

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Introducing Peer Support alongside MindSpot GP's treatment courses.

At MindSpot GP, we’re dedicated to providing free, high quality digital psychological services for Western Australians so they can access the help they need - when and where they need it. We’re committed to increasing access to high-quality mental health care for everyone. That’s why we have introduced a collaboration with Independent Community Living Australia’s (ICLA) eFriend service. The goal of this collaboration is to explore how a clinical service (MindSpot GP) can work in parallel to a peer-support service (eFriend) and the impacts on consumers’ engagement and outcomes.

What is peer support and who are eFriend?

Peer support connects you with individuals who are trained to use their own lived experience of mental health challenges to support people. eFriend is a provider of peer support and offers free non-clinical support via video or phone calls to people feeling low, lonely, or isolated. eFriend Peers have training in Trauma Informed Care, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills and Intentional Peer Support, using it to listen, validate and create a safe space. They share small parts of their own mental health recovery journey where relevant, to form connections, normalise experiences and share their perspective of navigating similar situations.

How does eFriend’s peer support work with MindSpot GP’s Treatment courses?

Our courses seamlessly integrate peer support into your treatment journey. Once you have completed your free online assessment, you will discuss your results and treatment options with a MindSpot GP therapist. During your discussion you may choose to enrol into an eight-week treatment course with MindSpot GP and your therapist may recommend an eFriend Peer Worker to support you during your treatment. Your therapist will then help to connect with trained and supportive eFriend peer workers.

Ready to take the next step?

Speak to your GP for a referral to MindSpot GP.

To learn more about eFriend, please visit the eFriend website on https://icla.org.au/efriend