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Are you ready to get started with the Big 5 and learn more about how to care for your mental health? Use our online checklist to see how you score.

Life can feel overwhelming and stressful. That’s why we need to look after our mental health, every day. But what does this even look like? The truth is, most people don’t know what they can do to care for their mental health.

At MindSpot, we’re changing that. Our research team has pinpointed five proven activities that lead to better mental health. And it is now our mission to share this with all Australians so that together, we can feel mentally healthier and more resilient.

Our research has shown that we have a tipping point for good or poor mental health - people who do The Big 5 activities at least 3-4 times each week are likely to have good mental health.

But people who don't do these things very often are likely to have poor mental health. They are more likely to be troubled by symptoms of depression and anxiety, and they are less likely to feel satisfied with their lives.

The Big 5 is a practical approach that can easily fit into our daily lives. The actions are simple and effective, and they don’t require us to make big, daunting changes to our lives. And, most of us are already doing The Big 5, we just might not be doing them enough.

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Why did we create The Big 5?
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Our clinical research
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Let's get started Are you ready to get started with The Big 5 and learn more about how to care for your mental health? Download our Big 5 information and self-assessment sheet here
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The Big 5 self-assessment sheet is a great starting point because it gets us thinking about how often we’re doing these activities on a regular basis. It also includes practical suggestions, examples, and ideas about how we can do these activities easily, and more often. 

Big 5 Digital Journal Your very own The Big 5 personal journal to get you thinking about your activities and set and track your weekly goals.
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