Relationship strain

Managing relationship strain

Unhealthy levels of stress not only impact our physical and mental health, but they can also cause strain in our relationships with our partners, family, friends, and housemates. When we experience high levels of stress due to challenges such as work-related difficulties, financial pressure, and coping with illness or injury, we can become more irritable or short-tempered. In our relationships, this may lead to unhelpful behaviours such as criticism and insensitivity.

With social distancing resulting in people spending longer periods of time at home together, often in close quarters, it may be helpful to consider some additional strategies to help manage any relationship strain that may be present.

Increasing positive interactions in the house
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Household weekly check-in
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Looking for more support?

We recommend you consult with your GP, who can discuss local support or treatment options with you. They can prepare a Mental Health Care Plan, which will enable you to access treatment services with a psychologist or psychiatrist through Medicare, or a referral to local Community Mental Health Services. Your GP can also provide a physical check-up, if you haven’t had one recently. Your physical health can affect your emotional wellbeing.

If you don’t have one already, you can find a GP in your local area at Beyond Blue.

Another option is online treatment. MindSpot offers free online and telephone delivered treatments which help people manage their symptoms stress, anxiety, low mood and depression.

Additional resources

If you are experiencing family or domestic violence, we strongly recommend you refer to the following services. If you or someone else is in danger, please call Emergency Services (000).

  • 1800 Respect (available 24/7 on 1800 737 732 for support and advice)