Clinical registrar program

About the program

We employ and train Registered Psychologists, who are completing their Clinical Psychology Registrar program to gain endorsement in Clinical Psychology. As a pioneer in digital mental health training, MindSpot provides significant development opportunities and a highly supportive environment to develop clinical knowledge, skills and experience.

All of our training is valuable for clinicians planning a career in both digital or face-to-face clinical services, equipping you to work with a wide range of presentations.

If you have any questions about the Academy that aren't answered here, please email the MindSpot Academy.

About you

Our program is ideally suited to graduates of a Masters of Clinical Psychology program looking to complete their registrar program to attain endorsement in Clinical Psychology.

You will have placement experience during your studies where you used micro counselling skills, and theoretical knowledge of CBT; or are new to delivering CBT and wish to improve your clinical confidence and competence.

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