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The MindSpot Clinic (MindSpot) does its best to protect the MindSpot website from security breaches by employing high IT security standards. MindSpot has a security certificate, which means the website, database and systems comply with the security requirements of the certification authority.

However, the provision of services through the MindSpot website is subject to security risks inherent in any online service. Whilst MindSpot attempts to ensure that your information is protected and secure, it is impossible to protect against all potential breaches of security.

We recommend that you make sure that the computer terminal from which you send email and messages from is secure and has up to date antivirus and malware protection. You must also ensure that you maintain the confidentiality of the password that will be provided to you and do not share this with others or leave it in a place that may be accessed by others. It is your responsibility to delete or keep safe messages, emails and any transcripts of online conversations that you download or print out. You need to be aware that even deleted files can still be accessed.


MindSpot therapists may print and keep a copy of the transcripts of sessions or clinical notes on your file. Please read our Privacy Statement to understand how information you disclose to MindSpot is used. All records are stored in accordance with our Privacy Statement and in the same way as face-to-face health record-keeping standards.