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Losing Your Job

Losing your job is stressful. For many people unemployment isn’t just about loss of income. It can mean a loss of purpose, identity, routine and social connections. It is important to do things to help yourself stay well.

Tips for Staying Well - four ways you can look after yourself whist seeking new employment

1. Keep a daily routine

  • Many of us struggle without the structure of work. Setting yourself a regular routine can help you be productive and maintain a healthy rhythm throughout the week
  • You can break up your day into morning, afternoon and evening segments
  • Keep regular sleeping and waking times, mealtimes, and regular times for exercise and hobbies
  • Make time each day for job searching

2. Keep doing the things you enjoy

  • Doing things that you enjoy and which are rewarding and meaningful will give you a sense of purpose in your day, and a reason to get out of bed
  • In addition to keeping up with your hobbies, you can do new things like volunteer work, learning a new skill, joining a local club or participating in community events
  • All of these things will help you to stay active, engaged and connected with others

3. Focus on the things you can control

  • It can be easy to get caught up in your worries.
  • Even though these worries may be very real, spending too much time worrying can lead to feelings of stress, hopelessness and helplessness 
  • Focus your energy on what you can do to address the situation
  • You may not be able to control when you secure a new job, but you can do things such as updating your resume, write a cover letter, learn new skills, research and apply for jobs, send emails to potential employers, and find services that can help

4. Manage your self-talk

  • What we say to ourselves affects how we feel
  • Be mindful not to say things (self-talk) that are unhelpful or self-defeating, such as blaming yourself for things outside of your control (eg. for losing your job or not having secured new employment yet) and dwelling on the worst-case scenario
  • Being patient with yourself and keeping a realistic perspective can help you stay focused and motivated
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