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About MindSpot Treatment Courses

MindSpot offers a number of treatment courses for people with symptoms of stress, worry, anxiety, low mood and depression. These courses help people learn about their symptoms, and learn proven skills to manage their emotional wellbeing and improve their quality of life. More than 20,000 Australians have enrolled in our treatment courses. On average, people experience a 50% reduction in symptoms. ​

The key advantages of MindSpot treatment courses are that they allow you to get help in a discreet, effective and supported way.

MindSpot treatment courses are:

  • Based on well-tested principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). CBT has been widely shown to be the most effective treatment for reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Developed and tested at the eCentreClinic, Macquarie University, Sydney, in clinical trials with thousands of people from across Australia, so we know that they work.
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