About Our Assessments

The MindSpot Clinic provides free and confidential mental health screening assessments to help people better understand their symptoms of stress, anxiety, panic, PTSD, OCD, low mood, or depression. To ensure we can provide you with the best guidance, we ask everyone to first complete a screening assessment.

You can do a screening assessment online or via telephone.

There are three steps to completing our screening assessments:

  • Create a secure account
  • Complete online questionnaires about your symptoms
  • Receive your Assessment Report

The Assessment Report summarises your results and identifies services that can help, including the MindSpot Clinic Treatment Courses.

You can receive your Assessment Report directly from us via email, or you can talk to us about your results first.

You can also request that we send your Assessment Report to your health professional.

Once you have completed your online screening assessment and received your Report you can join one of our Treatment Courses (if suitable).

Our Services

To begin your free and confidential online screening assessment please click here. Otherwise, please call us on 1800 61 44 34 to begin your assessment.

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